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Photograph by Mclean Stephenson, 2014

Australian three-piece Devotional are renowned for their ethereal sound, unique aesthetic and independent ethos.

Raised in the Australian underground music scene as the daughter of punk legend Steve Lucas (X), front-woman and songwriter Madelaine Lucas has been recording and releasing her own music since the age of seventeen. Joining with Robert Irish on lead guitar and Ben James on drums in 2013, the trio have since developed their own brand of slow-burning indie, ‘like the Cowboy Junkies writing the soundtrack for a Twin Peaks episode’ (Tone Deaf 2013).

Combining woozy guitars with driving rhythms and poignant, direct lyrics reminiscent of pop and country classics, Devotional have become known for their dynamic performances. Taking cues from Mazzy Star, Sonic Youth and the Dirty Three, their live shows oscillate between waves of noise and moments of spell-binding delicacy.

With recording in the Australian countryside planned for later this year, Devotional will continue to carve out a musical territory of dark beauty, dreams and desires in their forthcoming debut album.